God and Lucifer's battle for the position of "Most High God", possessor of Heaven and earth.

The Bible: The Epic Battle is a fascinating overview of God’s plans and purpose to
reconcile all things, both in heaven and earth, to the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ, “the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords.
I Timothy 6:15

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Get clear on how God intended the Bible to be read and where to find the doctrinal instructions for your life today. Whether you are a new believer, questioning the Bible's validity, or a seasoned vet.

The Bible: The Epic Battle will help you answer the questions you've been asking yourself and give you much needed insight to make sound decisions and set your heart at ease.

"This is a must-read that is sure to grow your understanding and appreciation of God’s infinite wisdom”

-Ben Glassman, Executive Director of Legacymakers

"Totally worth the read!"

-Andrew Brownback, Lead Pastor at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, CA

"The timeline and how you have summarized things unfolding I found to be right on.”

- Ian Stevenson, Executive Director of Trellis International

About the Author.

Greg Todd wrote The Bible: The Epic Battle after years of seeing new believers given little or no “how” to read the Bible instruction and Christians get confused from common scriptures being used so often in churches today that seem to contradict each other. So much so that people were leaving the faith because of it.

So, he set out to help people answer the questions that led to their confusion by providing a clear overview of The Bible so that everyone will know what was written to us, the Body of Christ.