A heart for God's Word.

Greg's journey to a life surrendered to Christ and a true admiration for the Word of God began in 1999 when he came to the end of himself. After years of successful business achievements, Greg, while taking a company public he experienced a hostile takeover, bankruptcy, other unsuccessful business ventures,  and ultimately resorted to making money in the adult entertainment industry and getting addicted to crack cocain in the process. After a couple of years of probation and outpatient rehab  he found himself back in the medical business in CA. that ended abrubtly in December of 1998. Desperate, he began working three jobs, selling autocare coupons in gas stations, selling some of his medical devices during the day and delivering pizzas at night. Finally, May 30, 1999 he got to the end of himself and gave his life to Christ while watching a broadcast on Christian television, TBN. 

The next day, while selling his coupons at the gas station, he noticed the Harvest Crusade bumper sticker on the gentlemens car. He explained to the customer that he gave his life to Christ last night and looked forward to the crusade coming this summer. The customer asked Greg if he would be interested in selling pre-paid legal. Greg said I would love to hear about it. That day the gentlemen came to Greg’s house and sold him on joining PPL and being a distributor. After being frauded out of $30,000 six months earlier Greg thought he could possibly find help in pursuing the investment banker that took his money. So the next day he called PPL and they told him he could get a free 2 hour consultation with a local network attorney, so he took it. He was able to meet with an attorney the next day to discuss a legal remedy to go after the broker. The attorney liked Greg’s story and future business plans so much that he offered him $50,000 for a 10% stake in Greg’s new medical venture.  The next day he received a check for $50,000 and Greg walked out the door and cried. Greg knew, this was a miracle from God and all that God was waiting for was him to get to the end of himself and commit to serve the Lord in all he would do in the future. A real Miracle!

Since giving his life to the Lord in 1999, God used Greg immensely over the following 20 years and blessed him in business so that he could bless others. From 1999 to 2016, God gave Greg favor as he daily laid down his life. He was able to develop two multi-million dollar companies. One of which grew to over $30 Million in top line revenue and 3+ million in net income that he sold in 2016.

Greg's passion for the Word of God really developed when he went back to school at The Grace School of the Bible in 2000. He left there with a clear understanding of how to read God's Word and was able to clear much of his own personal confusion to where everything in the Bible really made sense. From 2003 on, he had been using his knowledge in the Word to lead Men’s groups for many years. During the 2020 pandemic he decided to write this book/study in order to help others grow in their understanding of the Bible.  

In 2021, retired now for a couple of years, he was finally able to finish his work and publish his book, The Bible: The Epic Battle through Covenant Books Publishing. 

Today, Greg, his wife Rosemary, and two daughters live in Southern California. As an avid golfer, Greg is often seen on the golf course at Huntington Club in Huntington Beach or at their mountain home at Lake Arrowhead Country Club getting in a quick 9.

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